A Day in the Life of Somebody Better than You

10 01 8853

I’m too bored to stumble for pictures right now, so I decided I’d put up a picture of my desktop.

For the big version, click on the image.


Jekel Yiffs

7 01 8853


While I hate Chuck Norris, I believe this graph does accurately describe Jay-Z’s problems


I’d be angry too. Especially if it was my underground lake base.

PSSSSSSSSS::::::: mudkipdesudesu.wordpress.com is up. It’s called So I Herd U Liek Blogs About Mudkip in my blogroll

I’m In the January Blog Cup! Vote for me!

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YAY1 Finicky nominated me and now I’m going to put a button on my site. But in the mean time…


no comment


This should sum up what your feelings are about today’s pictures.

*EDIT* Tomorrow’s national Mudkip Appreciation Day! So get ready for a slew of posts celebrating the internet’s favorite pokemon that everyone lieks: Mudkip! mudk.jpg
P.S. I’m going to start using categories and tags so I can get more viewers.