Don’t do anything that 4chan tells you to?!?!?!?!?1

29 11 2007

As stated and promised on Finicky’s blog, here’s the reason never to listen to 4chan:


Yes, I’m considering making this my desktop over the weighted companion cube


I know a friend that owns a breeding farm for these things!So I guess I’m officially back into this. I might not be able to post tomorrow because I’m pretty busy recently but maybe I’ll try.


Sorry or not?

24 11 2007

Sorry about not posting in a few days. But as Panascakes says, why should I be sorry? It’s because I have a cynical soul( whatever that means). So, I found out that my pictures at Finicky Penguin have been censored due to size and subject matter pertaining loosely to the third reich. I’ll tell you here that I won’t censor my pictures( Except for that pug one). Now for what people come here for:

I made it myself

*SPECIAL* today in history, death metal granny visited: Burbank!


eXTRA: I got Rock Band yesterday. It’s Po Sneg( pretty cool)


21 11 2007

Okay, So I got a new theme to help you view the pics easier and I just completed my sample post over at Finicky Penguin. I guess I have some more spare time to do this now. But you people just want to see the funny images:hammerzeit.jpg

The Pic (other than my AMP ad) that I used on my sample post on SPLHCS.


And finally, In “tribute” to SPLHCS


Just Joking! there’s also this:


It’s good to be back

The Merger

20 11 2007

Okay, I’m considering getting back into this over the holidays, but, until then, don’t expect daily posts. I’ll give you an update on this in about a week or two. Until THEN, I’m announcing that Finicky Penguin and I are merging blogs (kind of) I’ll post on his tuesdays and thursdays and vice versa. I hope people come here to pay attention to him therefore getting me more visitors for when I post My origional content MUahahahaha!But until then, I made an awesome ad For AMP energy drink because I was bored on Sunday Night. Hopefully you’ll be able to view the whole

Sorry about the image size, but maybe I’ll make a smaller one this weekend.

Do People Still Actually Come Here?

3 11 2007

Heh. Today the blog hit 117 hits. Get it? 117? heh. Oh and also, don’t let those CHERUB book labels deceive you. At my local library they say “young adult” Yet on the back of books# 7&8 it says “not intended for younger readers”. So confirm this I read the Wikipedia summary for both of the books and, while they are good books so far(I read 1,2, and 6) here are some lines from the wikipedia article (convieniently edited for younger readers):BUT FIRST WARNING: ALTHOUGH THESE PASSAGES HAVE BEEN EDITED, THEY ARE STILL PRETTY (INSERT SCORNFUL WORD HERE). SO EVEN THOUGH I TRY TO KEEP THIS PAGE G/PG, IT’S A LITTLE IMPOSSIBLE WITH THESE PASSAGES. IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE G RATED STUFF FOR THIS POST, SCROLL DOWN TO LOOK AT THE FUNNY PICTURES!!!111!!111!!!111 Book 7:Firstly they go quad biking and later they go a Spa Hotel where they get drunk and James tries to have *edit* with his girlfriend Kerry, without an *edit*, who refuses and walks away angry at James. Afterwards she went back and had *edit*with him, screaming *okay this part was just unnecessary on thw wikipedia article so if you want to read it go there*. Then they take the two girls to a Victorian building where other girls aged 12 to 20 from parts of eastern Europe are forced to have *edit* with men at the bar. Keith tries to *edit* Lauren but she stops him and ends up stabbing him. Dana helped James and they begin to kiss but Lauren walks in on them while James is happily *oh my God they put this type of stuff in a “children’s” book? This is once again just freakin’ unnecessary so if you want to go and read the wikipedia article (don’t) be my guest. She goes to tell Kerry what*edit* happened but James persuades her not to. Book 8:In the end of the book James admits to his girlfriend that he had*edit* with Lois. Dana is annoyed and forgives him but James has to do a test to see if he is *you know this disease* Positive, which he isn’t. Now do those passages belong in a children’s book? And believe me, the wikipedia articles are disturbing as in “whoa, I knew assassin dolphin had to edit these but I didn’t expect THIS! But now that your soul has been partially eaten by reading edited yet still R-rated articles about 16 and 17 year olds doing things. Let’s look at some funny pictures to bring back your soul:

Yes,yes. It’s okay.

Getting better.

Now we’re talking.


Wawawawawa! (that means one of the best)

And those are your soul-saving pics for the day!