I REALLY Wish I Could Get thhe Orange Box to Work on MY Computer

14 10 2007

If you can sell me a 3.0 GHz Processor I would be greatly pleased! Please comment if you have any contacts that could sell me one.

Now, On to that Quadruple Whammy post.

I now Present to you four of the quickest finest files on my computer:

*EDIT* put your cursor over the cut off photos to see the rest of them.


Hitler got P3wnd there!


This just kinda looks cool.


It’s funny because it’s true!


I want to know what happened after this picture was taken


I know the .Gif is a little small but now you know to guard your cheetos!

Ok so I did more than four pictures/videos/.GIFs but just think of it as a Limit Breaker


Just to let you know I have never played Final Fantasy VII (or seven (7) for us humans) and I never plan to yet I know it’s pretty famous.

Now that I’m in the mood to post again, maybe I’l post again tomorrow!



Sorry, no pic today.

13 10 2007

Ok, so i’m still trying to get the orange box working on my computer, so there’s not going to be a pic right now. But I might post a Quadruple Whammy post tonight!

The Orange Box Actually Comes Out the 10th

9 10 2007

Yeah, I’m pretty mad about it, but as long as I get it for only 38$ at Circuit City! Now, the truly best .GIF ever as opposed to Finicky Penguin’s “Mr. T Dance”(it was pretty crappy). Now, OBSERVE!:


Doesn’t that beat Mr. T dancing? Yeah, you know it does.

P.S It’s supposed to move slower but you should be able to see what it is(it’s p3wnage)

One Day ‘Till Orange Box

9 10 2007

Well, Technically tonight. Today in other news, Trent Reznoar officially split from his record label, But nobody cares about that. Now to Jim Dolhues For the wacky picture update:puggy-edit.JPG

Well *my name* It appears that we have a pug peeing while only standing on it’s front legs. Powerful stuff *my name*, powerful stuff.

Thank you Jim, For the 9:03 o’clock news, I’m *my name*

Who’s Going to buy “The Orange Box”?

8 10 2007

Sorry about that. The title is completely irrelevant to the rest of the post. It’s really late right now and I could find some quality things for you. But that’s not gonna happen.


Do you still want to make that withdrawal? Muahahahaha! Oh, and by the way, Buy “The Orange Box” available Tuesday, October 9th

And you Thought Spongebob was for Children?

6 10 2007

…Well, I guess it still is. But check out this “unaired” Part of the episode “Band Geeks”. Don’t worry, It’s clean humor.

Now do you think it should still be aired on Nickelodeon?

Credit goes to …4Chan? / internethatemachinee

Baby’s First .GIF!

5 10 2007

Call Me Mr. Copyright Infringement- But I created my first .gif image using some easy .gif animating software( It’s actually called “Easy .GIF Animator”) so Behold… BunchieWEar!!!